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Updated Thursday 16 March 2017

Cricket in Whaddon was revived in 2011. The team continues to enjoy the same reputation it had then... Have a look at the stunning stats in the tabs below.

Sunday 8 May 2011: The first cricket match was played on the Recreation Ground in Whaddon for many years — no-one can quite recall when cricket was played last. 18 men from the village took part, divided into two teams, in an intra-village game.

2011 saw a total of three proper matches, of which Whaddon won 1 and lost 2.

The club moved from strength to strength in 2012. Ten matches were played, 4 won, 5 lost and 1 drawn. Peter Haselden has prepared detailed statistics of the team's performance and these are in the Scores 2012 tab below.

Late 2012 saw good news for the club. The Parish Council awarded some funds which came to the village from the Section 106 agreement relating to the development of St Mary's Close for cricket, and so in 2013 it will be possible for the village to have some cricket nets in which to practice, plus a repaired roller and various other improvements for the club square and equipment. We thank the PC for this.

  • Click below for an Excel file of the important numbers

    WCC statistics 2016

  • Click below for an Excel file of the important numbers

    WCC statistics 2015

  • Click below for an Excel file of the important numbers

    WCC statistics 2014

  • The following PDF files are available:

    2012 Matches

    2012 Averages

    2012 Rankings

  • Scores from 2011

    Hare St/Hormead on 18 September

    Hare St 203-6; Whaddon 173-9. Whaddon lost by 30 runs.

    The Independent on 18 June:

    Independent 206-5; Whaddon 197-6. Whaddon lost by 9 runs.

    Steeple Morden on 5 June:

    Steeple 115 all out; Whaddon 116-8. Whaddon won by 2 wickets

    This linked PDF file by Peter Haselden gives analysis of the Whaddon scores. Averages from 2011 will also be found.

The following note was posted on this web site in January 2011:

After a successful first meeting on 26th November, we have a total of 26 interested members (list to be added below), and more popping up since then. If there’s anyone else, then please don’t hesitate.

After much interesting debate and robust exchange of views, a few concrete things were finally sort of agreed (sort of):

  • we are to be a social team, playing for serious fun
  • every member will be guaranteed a game, regardless of ability
  • we expect to arrange some indoor net practice in the new year (once it warms up a bit), either in Bassingbourn or Royston (please let us know if you are interested in turning over the old arm; will be starting in March probably)
  • our first definite fixture is against the Independent Newspaper, on 4th June 2011
  • we intend to play about half a dozen matches a year on our own ground, either on Sundays or Saturdays
  • if anyone knows of other clubs looking for matches, then we are game (Hare Street, Steeple Morden, Reed Junior Colts 5ths have been vaguely mentioned)
  • each member would be willing, subject to personal circumstances, to make a donation as a club start-up subscription (mainly for buying cricket equipment, insurance, rope, protective netting along the fence and the maintenance of the square)
  • each player in a match will be expected to pay match fees (amount to be decided) to cover rental of the Rec and for the provision of crustless cucumber sandwiches, provided by the very generous (a start-up donation was extracted under torture) and inimitable Ken “WG Grace” Green.
  • there is competition on for position of scorer: Helen “Wendy Wimbush” Strudwick vs David “Beardless Bill Frindalangelo” Grech (this should be a interesting struggle, awash with coloured ink, a different one for each bowler mind)
  • the cricket pitch will be ready by Spring time (thanks to our trusty professional groundsman Neil Gardner), who has sourced a 1950s steamroller 3-ton for us.

It has been brought to our attention that our pitch is perhaps a tad small. It is, there is no denying it. But the “management” (self-appointed at present, sorry) makes no excuse: we feel that the Rec was born for cricket, it is the heart of our village, it will pull them in for miles around once they see us straining every hamstring early of a Sunday morning (after church, of course). I would also direct these people to the Hare Street pitch, which is even narrower. We should see how it goes for a few years, then if we have caused too many broken windows or car accidents (all suitably covered by insurance) we should look for other premises in the village. But for now, let’s go with what we’ve got.

One more thing: there is a mole encroaching on the square – any ideas, please let us know. According to the groundsman, he (or she) is after the worms. Please whenever you visit the Rec, take a handful of worms away with you. This will reduce the problem. But please don’t dig for them. This will only make things worse. Sing to them. The Whaddon Whitsun song is ideal (in fact, ancient sources tell us that this was the original reason for its composition). Enough.

Peter Haselden | cricket [at] whaddon.org

  • The webmaster's attention has been drawn to the following quote from A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 8:

    A church room was built c. 1909 on land given by Viscount Clifden next to the school. By the 1960s it was no longer much used, the school housing most local activities. North of the school was a close called the Steel or Stack Yard where the villagers had long played cricket; it was formally bought as a recreation ground c. 1960.
  • So let's pursue the history of the sport here a little further. In the Village Hall is a photograph of a cricket team from we believe 1938:

    cricket 1938

    Cricket Team (probably 1938)

    Back row (unknown umpires at either side) from left to right:

    Stan Pearce, Les Andrews, Wilfred Jarman, Bill Coningsby, Harold Andrews

    Middle row: Alfred Jarman, Vic Law, Sid Butler, George Coningsby, Ken Bullen, Jack Law, Jim Law

    Front row: Dickie Watson and Tommy Jarman

  • Further research has been possible due to the wonderful archives of S and J Ralls, whom your web-master thanks for their time and help. I start with the following quote from a newspaper story before 1927 :

    ... Mrs A. J. Palmer as a mark of the esteem held for them by the whole village. A cricket match between Married and Single was played in the afternoon, the Single winning easily. A string band was provided and dancing freely indulged in after tea. Athletic Sports were arranged by F. Woodcock, T Coningsby and Judd, and there were races also for the women and children. Hearty votes of thanks were accorded to Mr and Mrs Palmer and Mr, and Mrs Coningsby, etc., at the close, and the National Anthem again sung, and a fine display of fireworks was given by Mi. Brockett.

    The actual date of this is not recorded, but Mrs Palmer died in 1927 so it must pre-date that. A photocopy of a photo (also courtesy of the Ralls, original now in the Cambridgeshire Collection) shows a group of people watching the same match, and the Ralls note that this took place on Whit Monday.

    cricket 1938

    So not only do we have a time in the year for the match, but also further evidence of special goings-on in the village at Whitsun.

    The material amassed by the Ralls covers anything to do with Whaddon; material relevant to cricket also includes lists of fixtures and scores running from the 1930s to (at the moment) the 1950s, as well as club minutes, scoresheets and a few other photos. Some examples will be found below (the photographs were scanned from photocopies of originals now in the Cambridgeshire Collection).

    As I said, the Ralls' working through the local media has revealed games up to the latter part of the 1950s, although it is not known when they stopped. The teams shown above did not play on the current recreation ground, but rather on an adjacent area, now the driving range of Whaddon Golf Centre. However, when Ken Green, the owner of the golf centre, came to Whaddon in the 1960s to farm at Town Farm, he recalls cricket being played on what is now the Rec. The recreation ground was set up more or less at the same time as the school was closed (in 1962), and the building turned into a village hall.

  • When we were playing at Sandon on 24 July 2016, our attention was drawn to a copy of a newspaper from, we think, the 1930s, with local cricket scores. Here are two photos of entries therein for Whaddon. Rolyat must be a name of a company or team rather than a place — more research is needed.

    Sandon 1930s 1
    Sandon 1930s 2