Mr and Mrs Palmer

Palmer Trust

Alfred and Mary Palmer

Whaddon village hall in snow

Palmer Trust

Tomb of Mr Palmer in St Mary's Churchyard

View from Whaddon Church looking south-west

Palmer Trust

Tomb of Mrs Palmer in St Mary's Churchyard


Updated Wednesday 24 May 2023

The Palmer Trust is a village charity to help villagers of Whaddon.

The Alfred Palmer’s Trust gives modest grants of up to £50 to people of Whaddon for whom a small cash injection could make a real difference. The Trust will consider requests from all Whaddonians but especially from the elderly.

It was originally set up in 1927 to purchase coal for distribution to the poor widows of Whaddon Parish but the Trustees have now changed the aims to be more in line with the 21st century!

If you want to apply or know of someone else who may benefit from a grant, please either email Angela Bridges, the Whaddon Parish Clerk, at whaddonparishcclerk [at], or write to her at 31 Bridge Street, Whaddon SG8 5SG.

For an historical overview of the Trust and some archive material, see our History Page, on the Archive material tab.

  Term expires
Christopher Coningsby April 2023
Will Elbourn April 2023
Helen Strudwick April 2024
Chris Chapman October 2025
Deborah Townsend April 2026

After the initial terms of office, Trustees would then be elected by the Parish Council for terms of 4 years.

Trustees can be contacted via the Parish Clerk.