View from Whaddon Church looking north


A view north from the church tower

Whaddon village hall in snow


The Village Hall

View from Whaddon Church looking south-west


A view south-west from the church tower

Sunset in Whaddon




Now includes the Village Hall booking calendar

Your calendar what is going on in the village and the Village Hall. More details below the calendar.

If you are looking at this on a small mobile device, you will just see a list of events — this is purely due to the restrictions of screen size. To locate free slots, it's better to look at it on a larger device.

There are two separate calendars shown above. One (presently green) shows all public events known to us in the village, regardless of location. The other (presently purple) shows all events in the Village Hall. Village events taking place in the Hall may appear in both calendars. Browse through the week and month view tabs to see what is on at any time, or to look for an available slot in the Hall booking diary.

This information is provided via a Google Calendar. Anyone wanting access to be able to update it should contact us via webmaster [at]