Whaddon village hall Hall 3

Whaddon Village Hall

A The front of the Hall

Whaddon village hall in snow

Whaddon Village Hall

The Hall in snow

Whaddon village hall Hall 2

Whaddon Village Hall

Inside the new hall

Whaddon village hall Hall 1

Whaddon Village Hall

Inside the new hall

Whaddon playground

Whaddon Recreation Ground

Part of the playground


Updated Tuesday 05 February 2019

Whaddon's Village Hall was actually built in the 19th century as the Village School, and became the Village Hall after the school closed in the 1960s. At that time a modern extension was added to the rear of the building. It has recently been refurbished completely The hall and recreation ground is owned by the Parish Council and managed by a Trust on behalf of the village. The hall is available for bookings. There is also a marquee for hire. See the Contact tab for information. The address is 125 Church Street, Whaddon SG8 5RY.

  • Charges for hiring the Village Hall will be rising in September 2017. This is the first increase since the refurbished hall was opened in 2014 and the rates are still very favourable. The village rate will be £7 per hour and that for those outside Whaddon £11. This of course only applies to new bookings.
  • Following our recent request, we are delighted to report that three new Trustees have been elected. Our thanks to Steve Coningsby,Wendy Scott and Bob Strawbridge for offering their time!
  • Acoustic panels have been fitted in the hall to improve the sound quality. Thanks to Pete and Steve Coningsby and their crew for their hard work. Photos below. © Karen Coningsby.
  • We hope very much you would like to book our Village Hall

    Hourly rates from September 2017 for new bookings:
    Residents of Whaddon £7 per hour
    All others £11 per hour
    • The bookings over the next few days are summarised above. For dates beyond them, use the Village Calendar to browse to see if there is space available at the time you would like to make the booking. The Village Calendar default is to view it by the week; you can use the arrows to move back and forwards by week, or you can change to the month view.
    • If the hall looks free, please contact us via whaddonhalltrust [at] whaddon.org and you will be informed formally of the availability and of the next actions you need to take.
    • These will include filling out a booking form. A fillable PDF booking form is located here (download the file and use Adobe Acrobat for best results).
    • When you have an agreed booking, the keys may be collected from a box on the outside of the hall. Instructions will be provided.
  • The following pictures of the refurbished hall were provided by Wendy Evans, Lee Ginger, Karen Coningsby and Nigel Strudwick.
  • Download the file and use Adobe Acrobat for best results when completing fillable forms.
  • Monday 21 May 2018 -- AGM

    Meetings usually take place at 20:00 in the Village Hall on the first Monday of alternate months, but are subject to change. Agendas will be added above at the appropriate times.
  • Name Office Represents Contact
    Steve Argent
    South Cambs Dog Training -
    Anita Birch
    Parish Council  
    Karen Coningsby
    St Mary’s Church 07903 884825
    Steve Coningsby
    (elected) -
    Peter Haselden
    Whaddon Cricketers 07785 347259
    Wendy Scott
    (elected) -
    Bob Strawbridge
    (elected) -
    Nigel Strudwick
    Parish Council -
    Amy Walker
    (elected) -
    Some members have consented to have their telephone numbers given out as above. Otherwise Individual members can be contacted via whaddonhalltrust [at] whaddon.org. This is the address that should also be used for booking enquiries for the Hall.
  • The Whaddon Village Hall and Recreation Ground Trust

    Since November 2010, the Hall and Recreation Ground have been managed by a Charitable Trust, running these facilities for the village on a long lease from the PC. The Trust's Charity number is 1140851. The Trust held its first meeting on 15 November 2010, at which point its membership was confirmed and officers elected, all to hold office until its first AGM in 2011. Charity law requires a trust such as this to have a majority of members nominated by users of the hall and rec, as well as a number of elected members. The latest report from the Trust is available on the web site here.
  • The following minutes of meetings are available; others are being added

      8 September 2016 DRAFT PDF
      4 July 2016 PDF
      4 May 2016 PDF
      7 March 2016 PDF
      15 February 2016 PDF
      18 January 2016 PDF
      7 December 2015 PDF
      5 October 2015 PDF
      3 August 2015 PDF
      1 June 2015 DRAFT PDF
      7 April 2015 PDF
      3 November 2014 PDF
      6 October 2014 PDF
      1 September 2014 PDF
      4 August 2014 PDF
      7 July 2014 PDF
      AGM 2 June 2014 DRAFT PDF
      6 May 2014 PDF
      7 April 2014 PDF
      3 March 2014 PDF
      3 February 2014 PDF
      25 January 2014 PDF
      3 December 2013 PDF
      4 November 2013 PDF
      8 October 2013 PDF
      2 September 2013 PDF
      6 August 2013 PDF
      1 July 2013 PDF
      4 June 2013 PDF
      AGM 21 May 2013 PDF
      21 May 2013 PDF
      6 May 2013 PDF
      2 April 2013 PDF
      5 March 2013 PDF
      4 February 2013 PDF
      7 January 2013 PDF
      4 December 2012 PDF
      6 November 2012 PDF
      2 October 2012 PDF
      10 September 2012 PDF
      14 August 2012 PDF
      2 July 2012 PDF
      AGM 18 July 2012 PDF
      18 June 2012 PDF
      5 April 2012 PDF
      3 April 2012 PDF
      5 March 2012 PDF
      7 February 2012 PDF
  • A coffee morning will take place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month in the Village Hall from 10:30 to 12. All of course welcome. Cost £1.50.
  • Whaddon now has a thriving Table Tennis Club.  We have two brand new tables and plenty of bats and balls.  We currently play on Tuesday nights at 20:00 in the village hall.  Please just turn up if you would like to play.  If you would like to use the tables another at any other time please book the  village hall via whaddonhalltrust [at] whaddon.org.  No extra hire cost for the tables – but please do look after them!  Any questions please contact Roger van Poortvliet, 01223 208450, r.vanpoortvliet [at] outlook.com
  • The Mainly Gardening Club meets in the village hall on the third Wednesday of each month from 19:30 to 21:00. More details are available on the Community page, found under the Activities menu item.
  • South Cambs Dog Training Club hold regular classes on the Recreation Ground most weekends. Visit their web site for further information.
  • Bonfitness Pilates holds regular classes in the Village Hall. Visit their web site for more information. Pilates
  • The Whaddon Village Hall and Recreation Ground Trust would like to invite you to their inaugural film night.

    The Trust will be holding a series of Film nights throughout the course of the year. This is a great opportunity to socialise, enjoy a classic movie or be introduced to something entirely new. Each film night will be held in the village hall and refreshments will be available - snacks and alcohol (license pending).

    We thought it would be a fun idea to encourage fancy dress, however this is by no means obligatory.

    Our first film of choice is The Blues Brothers. This will be shown on the evening of Sat 23rd February, 7.30pm. Tickets are available at the Golf Centre or from Anita Birch, 68 Bridge Street, anitabirch1@hotmail.co.uk and are priced at £5 per person. This film is certified as 15. Admittance under this age will not be allowed.

    We hope to encourage as many people as possible to our film night, so please come along and join us. If you have any suggestions of films you would like to be included during these nights, please feel free to advise a member of the Trust

    Hope to see lots of you there,

    The Whaddon Village Hall and Recreation Ground Trust